January Volunteer of the Month for Dauphin County

RSVP_volunteer_DisendRSVP of the Capital Region is excited to present Shirley Disend as our Dauphin County Volunteer of the Month for January.  Shirley has been a volunteer with RSVP for 4 years and has volunteered in several capacities. Initially, she volunteered as a clerical assistant at the Hospice of Central Pennsylvania. Soon after, she added to her service to the community as a knitter knitting and crocheting items to be donated to veterans or children in need. Currently, she spends most of her time maintaining the Five Senses Garden on the Capital Area Greenbelt in Harrisburg.

The Five Senses Gardens is a one-of-a-kind sensory experience started on the Capital Area Greenbelt in 1996. It has held its ground (and flowers and wildlife) despite torrential floods and environmental adversity via the leadership of Ms. Disend in concert with the efforts of other volunteers and the skillful hands of its groundskeepers. Shirley turns in an average of almost 20 hours per week during the height of the growing season and can be found in the garden as early as February and as late as Thanksgiving. The only thing that keeps her away is extreme weather. And in cases where the weather doesn’t permit her to be in the garden, she returns to knitting and crocheting to let others know they are thought about.

RSVP would like to thank Ms. Shirley Disend for her willingness to share her time and talents via our organization in service to the Greater Harrisburg Community. Your dedication is exemplary and inspiring to all who want to lead by example and become leaders in the community.